The Capuano Jewelery was born in the 1930s by Giovanni with the creation of the precious ivy band in gold and diamonds, testimony of his timeless love for his wife Jeanne. In fact, ivy has always been the symbol of faithful and eternal love.
Together with Nicola and Melita Capuano, the Jewelery becomes a point of reference and exclusivity in the city of Rome, making itself known over the years also internationally.

The Capuano Jewelery today is in its third generation with Rosaria Capuano. She is a young and innovative entrepreneur, while remaining tied to family traditions, she feels the need to adapt to the times and technologies. Now more than ever, due to the extraordinary events that have occurred worldwide and not yet being able to meet his customers directly, mostly foreigners, he feels the need to create a different way of approaching the sale, thus using the web and e-commerce sales by entering directly into consumers' homes.

To do this he decides to make use of professionals in the sector who, by doing market research and communication and marketing actions, will follow all the dedicated web channels starting from the restyling of the official website up to the care of social networks etc., thus merging tradition and innovation.